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In the corner of the site, you can chat with support team, and ask them any problems or questions about trading, confirm account or ext. We have collected the best cryptocurrency trading strategies! Use these bitcoin strategies to make profits for the whole year 2023.

xcritical broker is one of the most well-known brokerages all around the world, so we want to teach you how to create account on xcritical and start trading. The number of active trading accounts, permitted to operate at the same time in the Profile of a Client can be increased upon your request through the General Customer Inquiries Department. You practice trading in the demo account with virtual money but the amount of virtual money you get is not mentioned. Starting a trading account has some formalities like form filling, submission of supporting documents, and the payment of the minimum initial deposit. The demo account is truly very useful to learn the trading system well in advance and avoid risky trading with money later. xcritical Virtual Trading Platform does not use real money investments in trading and so the risk of losing money does not exist.

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After the form is filled with personal details and the 2 documents verified, you can use the demo account. The demo account does not require any documents but is a part of the company account for free with the intention of trading practice. You are practicing all the steps of a real live account without the money risks. There xcritical cheating are no transaction limits and you can train as much as you want. Traders with experience too need to start with the demo account to understand the xcritical system well. Traders rehearse all the buy and sell activities, the research, and the use of expert advisers in the demo account as if they were really trading.

  • The demo mode will allow you to assess the functions of the copy trading platform before registration and without specifying your personal email address or phone number.
  • After you click on the link, a page like the one below appeared, where you must click on the registration button.
  • Trade in currencies, cryptocurrencies, stock indexes, shares, precious metals, and energy resources with a trustworthy broker.
  • From the section, next to your name, you can change your language.
  • For verifying your xcritical account, you should to take several steps, that we explain each of in the following.

Register, verify your profile for your data protection, and open a trading account. If you wish to make another account your main account, access the “Metatrader” section and click on “Turn into main” in the line of the corresponding account. The first trading account is opened in the Client Profile automatically after registration and is labelled as ‘’main”.

After uploading the documents, it will take a min 4 hours and a max 48 hours to support team of xcritical broker, confirm your account. For example, the big list of currency, metals, oil, stock, and global stock indexes. However, each Client is entitled to have up to ten active trading accounts in his/her personal profile.

Is PAN required for Opening a xcritical Account?

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As the proof of address the Company also accepts bills from internationally recognized organizations, affidavits or bank statements (mobile phone bills are not accepted). To log in to the Profile, please enter your e-mail address and password on the login page. That is a positive advantage that makes it possible to trade online even during journeys and vacations through smartphones. Consider the advantages of trading from anywhere at any time with the smartphone’s internet-connected screen.

  • The brokerage

    provides an excellent selection of online trading platforms to choose from and

    a wide array of tradeable assets to invest in and trade.

  • The more the training experience gathered, the better would be the trading prowess when real-live trading is attempted.
  • The form will require certain personal details but be very careful.
  • To log in to the Profile, please enter your e-mail address and password on the login page.

Also, just in a few minutes you can create account in this broker and start trading. Next to the support icon, just by clicking on your name, you can choose your demo or a real account. The online platform designed by LiteFinance is a one-stop trading system that provides a trader with all necessary tools and does not require installing.

Optimal range of trading accounts for forex markets

All in all, traders at xcritical are given everything

they need to succeed. As

xcritical is based in the Marshall Islands, they are licensed and regulated in

accordance with the Marshall Islands Business Corporation Act. Therefore, the

brokerage is trusted to provide safe, secure, and transparent online trading

services and has been doing so for over 13 years. Download MetaTrader 4 trading platform for your smartphone or computer and get access to the Forex market from wherever in the world. MetaTrader 4 is suited for all types of LiteFinance accounts.

login xcritical

LiteFinance owes its leadership to its multiple advantages that set it apart from most brokers. Advantageous trading conditions, low spreads and high speed of execution of trading orders. Let us give a full account of advantages LiteFinance can offer to its clients for convenient and profitable trading. It is free to join but you have to pay the company trading account a minimum deposit of $50 in order to gain access to the demo account. You need to fill a form with personal details and submit supporting documents for verification too. The errors made in the demo account will not result in money loss.

Daily analytical reviews and forecasts of the Forex market

Get ample experience with virtual trading in the demo account and learn the systems well so that live trading leads to high profits without errors. It is a taste and experience of live trading without the risk of losing money, an excellent training ground for beginners and professional traders alike. xcritical broker provides for traders a popular platform for trading with a variety of instruments. Once you’ve registered your Client Profile, you can open and delete trading accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, or make transfers between your accounts. It replicates real trading conditions in live markets and helps develop the confidence to face the real test of trading in live situations where money is at risk. Make a decision in favor of account opening with xcritical, leading to the demo account and real-live trading later.

On Forex, you have limitless opportunities for financial self-realization

In the left bar of the xcritical broker, click on first icon with name trading to access all currency pairs, metals, cryptocurrencies, indices and stocks for trading. Global traders value us as a TOP broker for transparency, reliability, advantageous conditions, and a user-friendly trading platform. Trade in currencies, cryptocurrencies, stock indexes, shares, precious metals, and energy resources with a trustworthy broker.


customer support provided by xcritical is truly phenomenal. It’s evident that

the brokerage takes the success of their clients very seriously as they do

everything in their power to help their traders succeed. For instance, traders

have access to numerous eBooks, tutorials, strategies, articles, and more to

help them become better traders. Also, support representatives can easily be

contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat, email, support fxcriticals,

and telephone support that supports call back functionality.

In order to restore your trading account, please visit the section “Metatrader” in your Client Profile and click “Restore” next to the account you need to restore. If you have forgotten or wish to change your access password to Client’s Profile, use the password recovery option located on the client profile login page (Forgot password?). We may not recommend any particular traders because your need to take this decision yourself based on the trading strategy, risks, period of work, and number or copy traders. At xcritical, any of your trades in forex have the potential of being leveraged by up to 500 times your deposited capital. If you want to open another type of account or you need one more account, click “Open account” in the “Metatrader” section, select your platform, account type, currency, and leverage. They send the login details to access your account after that and you can reach the demo account.

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